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What’s New: Possible Samsung Galaxy X Accessory

The new Samsung Galaxy X rumors states that the phone can be folded into three parts.

Samsung’s game is strong this 2017. Samsung released a lot of smartphones for 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the confirmed release of Galaxy Note 8 before the year ends.

The new Samsung smartphone states very limited details of the product. However, there are a lot of speculations and leaked photos released. One of which is the accessory that it will come with.


A gadget that might be Samsung’s foldable “Galaxy X” was certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) not long ago. As proved by an arrangement of records distributed by the measures body on Thursday.

The item is unmistakably named as a “cell phone” and bears the model number SM-G888N0. This doesn’t compare toward the South Korean tech giant’s existing handset lineups. A similar mark was already seen in the database of the Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA).

This was the specific posting demonstrating that the gadget was running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In addition, this is the season of its testing. It was consequently likely an experimental unit not implied for a business discharge.

The recently uncovered certificate doesn’t reveal many insights about the conceivable “Galaxy X.” However, put something aside for the way that the handset bolsters Bluetooth 4.2.

Given how the Seoul-based original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM, was the first to market Bluetooth 5.0 in the versatile business with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. It is impossible that the customer will prepare the variation of the “Galaxy X.” This would just element bolster for the more seasoned standard.


According to the report of Android Headlines, there are a few reports that developed recently. Samsung sees the first era of its foldable telephones to be leaders in the next series of smartphones.

This will outfit them with the greater part of the top of the line specs highlighted inside its traditional premium lineups. This is similar to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note arrangement.

As the primary distinction between those product families and the “Galaxy X” one is said to be the shape factor. It is impossible that the model certified by Bluetooth SIG will ever hit the market.

The South Korean consumer electronics company already officially trademarked the expression “Galaxy X” in February. It will apparently advertise its up and coming foldable line-up under that name.

There are also some reports stating that the first-era “Galaxy X” won’t be a really bendable smartphone. This will rather send with two separate display panels that will be connected to the hinge.

However, it is still unclear how exactly can a headset fit in the flip phones, if this will be the design. The other accessories of the phone, like the case, for example, is also debated by fans of the Samsung smartphones line.

There is no firm details in regards to the accessibility of the “Galaxy X” have yet been given. But with insiders already speculating that the gadget will be released between the second from the last quarter of this current year or the first quarter of 2018.


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