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Health Concern: Medicaid and Medicard Program Benefits to Cut in Half

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Health care is one of the most important things for people in the United States.

People of Mahoning Valley has a deep love for President Donal Trump. The city was once a Democratic swath of North Eastern Ohio, but they turned the ball upside down during the last election.

However, when it comes to Republicans in general, there is far less affection from the government. This is in particular in the wake of the stalled agenda in Washington.

According to a senior citizen in the area, Ruth Nabb, the government is still not listening. They are not listening to the people. As a Trump supporter, as reported by the Boston Globe, Nabb spent her Friday morning at the Republican headquarters. She also stated that everyone is tired of waiting.


Nabb also mentioned that the Republican leadership in the government, particularly in the Congress, did not have workable health care plan ready to replace the Affordable Care Act. She also mentioned that the Republican senators, which includes their senator, Rob Portman, stood in the way of making the Senate version of the health care overhaul possible.

The people of Ohio do not like the idea of reducing the entitlement programs of the government. These programs benefit all the families of Ohio and the community.

There are other components of the entitlement programs being proposed by the Senate. These include less funding for Medicare and dramatic spending cuts to Medicaid. These House and Senate Republican plans, once approved, will decrease the amount that the government is spending when it comes to medical care.


This is the muddle that the leaders of the Congress are contending with. The Republican leaders struggled to show the reports six months after President Trump had the inauguration.

After making into the office with Obama’s winning slogan “Obamacare,” these leaders, as believed by the people from Ohio, either missed or completely ignored the lessons of President Trump’s victory.

With the President himself understanding the pitfalls, he promised the people during his campaign that even if “Obamacare” will be removed from the program, he will not touch the Medicaid and Medicare of the population of the United States.

He also mentioned that he would not roll back the ACA protection for individuals who have pre-existing conditions. These statements proved persuasive to all the voters who heard him.


The president plans to visit the place in Ohio sometime next week. He will also hold a campaign-style rally to Youngstown. The President will talk about the health care overhaul that the government is planning for the people of the United States.

According to the Boston Globe, the bill that the Trump Administration is planning will introduce the cut into the health care entitlement programs for the poor and those who have lower income. It will also grant generous tax reductions to the wealthy and for corporations.
If this program indeed resumes, it will continue the inability to boost the middle-class fortune. The taxes that millionaires and those who can afford Medicaid and Medicards will be cut in half too.



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