No More Windows 10 Free Upgrade

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It’s been more than a year after the deadline of the free upgrade to Windows 10 through easy means. Months before the end of 2017, Microsoft will now completely end the upgrade through the assistive technologies, too.

Last July 2016, Microsoft officially ended that the massive free upgrade from the earlier Windows OS from 7 to 8.1. However, the tech giant didn’t include the upgrade for users who used assistive technologies at that time. People who use accessibility features are exempted since the upgrade ended on July 29, 2016.

Microsoft Issues New Directive Regarding Free Upgrade

However, recently, Microsoft overturned the continuation of the free upgrade through assistive technologies. They now decided that the last upgrade you can have is only until December 31, 2017.

Microsoft intendedly didn’t make any official announcements about this one. Instead, they only edited the “Upgrade to Windows 10 FAQ” page and got done with it.

The move of the tech giant in bringing every Windows PC to the latest OS may have or may not have been directly fruitful. But it’s one thing that they tried to achieve it since the introduction of Windows 10 since May 2015. For more than two years since the announcement of the free upgrade, Windows 10 is yet to top over the ever popular Windows 7.

After the deadline, users will have to purchase a copy of this OS. It’s not that cheap though, so it would be best if you upgrade your old version of Windows before the free upgrade through accessibility technologies expires.