YouTube is Banning Videos in Response to Mass Murder

YouTube has been systematically taking down gun modification tutorials on their database. Some gun tutorials are still available as the video streaming website specifically took down bump stock videos.

This move of YouTube is in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas. More than fifty people died, and more than five hundred were injured. This incident was due to the bump stock device attached to the rifles used. Stephen Paddock’s massacre resulted in the highest body count in U.S. history. Also, upon the police’s entry into Paddock’s room, 12 out of 17 guns were modified with bump stocks.

A bump stock attaches on a semiautomatic rifle to make it fire automatically. The trigger is rapidly activated using the gun’s kickback. The gunfire can then increase to about 100 rounds per minute. Furthermore, the use of bump stocks is not illegal under the federal law.

In the past week, gun enthusiasts were doing last minute shopping on the bump stocks. They made a move first before the legislators in the U.S. would ban the buying and selling of bump stocks. In fact, just recently, Las Vegas shooting victims have only begun to file lawsuits against the bump stock makers.

YouTube’s Stance on Converted and Modified Firearms

With the banning of videos featuring bump stocks or any other tool that makes the rifle fire automatically, YouTube had updated their guidelines. Before the Las Vegas shooting, the video-sharing website was always against videos that incite violence or illegal activities. However, they didn’t include gun tutorials as target shooting and hunting are common in the USA. Many gun enthusiasts turn to YouTube for tips and modifications for different gun models.

However, as of this writing, YouTube has not entirely taken down bump stock videos. A search in the website still yields numerous videos ranging from “homemade bump stocks” to “cheap bump stocks.” But YouTube will surely cover those videos in the next few days.