Confirmed: No More Windows Phones

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Phones running on Windows platform haven’t been on the stoplight for several years. Users prefer Android and iOS more compared to Windows. With the current trend of low revenue, it is now confirmed that Windows Phones series is discontinued.

It is known that there aren’t enough apps for a phone with Windows as the operating system. Admittedly, Microsoft performed better in personal and gaming computers, but they haven’t conquered the smartphone market industry despite many attempts over the years.

The first Windows-based smartphone was released in 2010. The Windows Phone was at the top of their game back then. However, it garnered mix reactions on its release. Some liked that the interface is similar to their PCs, but others commented that the phone was neat but hard to use. Thus, the Windows Phone appealed to businesspeople more than the average users.

Microsoft Continues to Support Windows Phones

According to Joe Belfiore of Microsoft, they have no plans in building new features for the Windows Phone OS. However, they will keep updating the OS for security checks and bug fixes regularly.

Through this announcement, it is now confirmed that Microsoft will only do maintenance from now on. This is indirectly announcing that no new Windows Phones will come out in the next years.

Microsoft can’t pursue a revamp on their Windows Phone OS as there aren’t enough users. Despite the mediocre investments coming from the app developers, it’s just that the lack of flexibility that drove potential users to prefer Android and iOS devices more. In fact, sales have been on a downhill slope in the recent years. In the US alone, last year’s statistics said that 1.3% of people still use Windows Phone. Even Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, recently switched to an Android device.

It’s undoubtedly a sad story for the Windows Phones, but it can’t be avoided. The products or businesses that are not going well for several years are bound to close shop or discontinue. People can only hope that Microsoft will produce more innovative products in the future.