Ronnie Wood Reveals He was Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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Rolling Stone’s guitarist, Ronnie Wood, reveals that he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Wood got his routine health check as part of their tour requirement and asked the doctor to check his heart, blood, and lungs. The results say that Wood has a supernova burning away on his left lung.

The guitarist asked the doctor to get the tumor out of his body. Luckily, the cancer did not spread to his lymph nodes. After a five-hour operation, Wood is confirmed healthy for now.

The Culprit

Ronnie Wood was a smoker for 50 years before he gave it up. He does not consider going under chemo therapy because he did not think it will work. He feels skeptical to quit smoking too. However, he decided to undergo chemo therapy after his wife give birth to his twin daughters.

Wood had to wait for a week for a week to get the result. He considers this week as a hung in the balance. He thinks it is the curtain time to say good bye as well.

Wood also revealed that he was prepared for the bad news. However, he also thinks and has faith that everything will be okay.

After choosing to undergo chemo, the doctors have part of his lungs removed. The doctors performing the procedure did everything they can for five long hours. Finally, they removed the infected part. Luckily, the cancers did not spread to his entire body.

Warning Everyone

Due to the sudden diagnosis, the legend tells everyone to get checked. He also thinks that his guardian angel looked out for him.

Wood and his band, The Rolling Stone, are going on a tour in September. The band decides to tour around Europe and perform in 14 gigs. However, there will be no tour in the United Kingdom due to the lack of available venue because of the sporting features.