Controversial Netflix Documentary “What the Health” Claims Egg is as Bad as Smoking

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A popular documentary shown in Netflix claims that eating eggs as is bad as smoking cigarettes. Health professionals slammed the show for scaremongering as well as cherry-picking scientific studies.

Filmmakers describe the documentary as a film that health organizations do not want to see. When Netflix add “What the Health” to their library, it quickly gain a lot of viewers and followers.

Followed by Celebrities

A listers such as couples Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus urge their fans to watch the controversial film. They also encourage everyone to try the vegan lifestyle.

The pro-vegan documentary explores the relationship between the consumption of animal products and the diseases a person can get from them. It also made claims that one serving of processed meat can increase the risk of developing diabetes by 51%. In addition, eating one egg daily is as bad as smoking five pieces of cigarettes in a day.

Questions About the Normal Lifestyle

The controversial documentary also questions the several normal practices that most health and pharmaceutical companies are doing. The film claim that companies vested in their business than keeping people sick.

This documentary is not the very first documentary that the filmmakers, Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson made. The duo released a hit film entitled “Conspiracy.” The film advocates practicing a plant-based diet and was also endorsed by different celebrities.

Popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio, another high-profile vegetarian, saw the film. He persuaded Netflix to release it and was even the executive producer of “Cowspiracy.”

Support for the Claims

The film posted several items on their website support their claims. However, a lot of people see it as unclear since it is evident that it was founded by vegans.

The film also relied heavily on interviews conducted by vegan advocates and doctors. Although a lot of viewers claim they will never eat animal meat and products again, medical experts are urging them to think twice before practicing veganism.