United Nations to Vote on the US-drafted Sanctions Proposal Against North Korea

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The voting is up for North Korea. The United Nations is reported to cast its vote regarding the tough new economic sanctions happening in the world. The voting will start today.

Nuclear Bombing Program

It is rumored that North Korea will be deprived over $1 billion in revenues as the United States attempts to stitch together an international coalition. This international coalition is being built to convince the country to stop its nuclear program.

The United States-drafted resolution is proposing a drastic export ban of all the key products. This is because of the two intercontinental ballistic missile tests that North Korea tried last month.

This ban is the very first in the history of North Korea. It also stops the ban of oil imports and air travels in the country. A western diplomat in North Korea said that the ban would stop the flow of at least $3 billion in revenue for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The United States and its Allies

The U.S., together with its allies, are trying different methods to bring everything to the negotiating table. This is to convince North Korea in giving up its rapidly developing nuclear program.

U.S. President Donald Trump put North Korea on top of his list for foreign policy agenda. However, the situation is fast approaching. After the ICBM tests, development experts are worrying that this could put the United States territories in the range of the nuclear weapons that North Korea is developing.

The draft which circulated among the 15 United Nations Security Council members stipulates the ban for iron ore, coal, lead, lead ore, and sea food. Since more than 90% of all trades in North Korea takes place with China. The Trump administration is also hoping that the draft will increase the pressure on China and they will cut their economic ties with North Korea.