Japan’s Annual Art Aquarium Features The Kingyo This Year

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The “ART AQUARIUM” exhibit is now on view in Tokyo, Japan. This exhibit features thousands of gold fishes in well-designed fish tanks.

Over 3,000 sea creatures and 5,000 gold fishes called kingyo will fascinate viewers as the ornamental maritime creatures swim about in various glass tanks of different shapes, colors, and sizes.

This year’s psychedelic aquarium display launched at the beginning of July in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi area will be on view until September 24. After that, the traveling exhibition will be at Nijo-Jo Castle in Kyoto from October 25 until December 10.


For the past ten years, The Art Aquarium has been capturing the interest of fish hobbyists and artists alike. Although the exhibit has spanned for a decade, the Art Aquarium is the very first of its kind. There is also another show just like the Art Aquarium. It is called the Sky Aquarium. It is on view every summer at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. However, The Art Aquarium featuring the

However, The Art Aquarium featuring the kingyos is more popular. In fact, it has captured the eyes of more than 7 million visitors since its first show.

The unique idea of the Art Aquarium comes from the artistry of a Japanese artist who also has an experience in ornamental fish care. His name is Hidetomo Kimura. Kimura is now known in the world as the first “aquartist”.

The idea of the exhibit stems from one of Kimura’s hobby. The Japanese artist who was fond of collecting fish from different countries thought that he wanted to come up with an art out his interest for ornamental fish. From there, he began to create an artistic display, not of 2D pictures but real fish.


Kimura’s traveling exhibit is presented several times annually in Japan. This year, the Art Aquarium puts a highlight on the kingyos. In Japan, goldfish-watching is considered as a traditional ritual. Kimura’s bright-colored display features different varieties of kingyo in gorgeous illuminated fishbowls. This exhibition reflect’s the Edo period of Japan where men gold fishes called kingyo played an important role in cultural practices.

Goldfish swim in artistically painted Kutani porcelain bowls. Visitors can also see different shapes and sizes of fish bowls. The bowls’ shapes and sizes are aesthetically pleasing in themselves. There hanging scrolls made of glass. There are also chromatic chambers of strange shapes. All these unique convex and concave shapes add to the psychedelic effect of the entire art display. LED displays also present a show of moving pictures like sakura blossoms to the tune of mellow music. Another LED display also projects

LED displays also offer a show of moving pictures like sakura blossoms to the tune of pleasant music. Another LED display also projects an optical illusion of ink and wash painting. A big aquarium is also illuminated with a Dragon Palace, and coral reef LED display.

The carefully planned and well thought-of design of The Art Aquarium offers viewers a unique experience. The fish naturally becomes part of the art.

Visitors can book the tickets at 1000 yen or $8.75. With this, they can enjoy a variety show in the evening with only the best of traditional Japanese artistry and talents.