Facebook Post Claims Woman Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria at Myrtle Beach

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A woman from Lumberton is currently in the hospital because of an unusual incident. The woman’s daughter posts it in Social Media. She claims her mother got infected by a bacteria.


She states that her mother came in contact with a flesh-eating bacteria. This bacteria was from the water of Myrtle Beach.

Bonita Fetterman is currently in Chapel Hill and is now in ICU. According to Marsha Barnes Beal, her mother is stable. However, she is heavily sedated and had to use a breathing machine.

Beal also added that her mother came in contact with a life threatening bacteria. This is after she put her feet in the water during her visit at the Myrtle Beach.

Although Fetterman is stable, she only has one option to recover. She needs surgery, and her feet will be completely cut away. This is in hopes of the doctors that the bacteria will not be spread all over her body.


The doctors and the Government of Myrtle Beach City are yet to confirm the presence of the flesh-eating bacteria. This is the very first incident that a flesh-eating bacteria was discovered. Fetterman is also the very first person diagnosed with such disease.

The Myrtle Beach City government already released a statement covering the incident. According to them, they are already aware of the Facebook post claiming that there are bacterial issues in the Grand Strand. However, they did not receive any reports nor any direct contact about the issue.

The Myrtle Beach City government is also unable to confirm the location nor the date of the incident. They mentioned that at this point, all they have is the Facebook post. There is no confirmation whether the events are real.

Their Ocean Water Quality team is also testing the waters at least twice every week. The results are always excellent. If the team can determine where exactly the bacteria occur, they can order additional water quality tests. This is to identify whether the flesh-eating bacteria exist.

Beal’s post is already viral on Facebook. It already reached 53,000 shares terrifying those living in the area. NBC Charlotte discusses flesh-eating bacteria in the past.


The flesh-eating bacteria have dozens other related to it. It also occurs naturally where the water is warm and dark with low salinity. Each year, there are about 80,000 people from the United States alone who consume raw or undercooked seafood which is infected with this bacteria. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The common bacteria called vibriosis lives in the coastal waters. It is often associated with the deaths of people who ate raw oysters that carry vibriosis. Other than consumption, it can also break the skin.

The CDC reports about 21 deaths nationwide connected with vibriosis yearly. Also, they are also present in one out of five infected people. Most of these cases did not come from contaminated seafood but direct contact with their skin.