People Who Exercise in Extreme Limits Can Suffer From Rhabdo Disease

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People associate exercise with good health. However, there is a saying that goes, “Do everything in moderation.” Often, excessive exercise can do more harm than good.


“Rhabdo” as what a lot of people call it, this disease is a serious condition. It causes rapid disintegration of the skeletal muscle tissue that leads a person to excrete myoglobin in his or her urine.

The breakdown of the skeletal muscle tissues causes the body to produce myoglobin. Myoglobin is a waste material, so when it is released into the bloodstream, they end up in the kidneys. These amounts of wastes are too much for the kidneys to process. This leads to damage to the kidneys.

Rhabdomyolysis is also known as “Spinning Disease” and also “CrossFit Disease.” These terms make people think that the disease is exclusive to people who do these workouts. On the contrary, any intense exercise or workout that makes an exerciser exert too much effort can be a culprit, too. Going too hard in one’s workout can cause an exerciser to suffer from Rhabdomyolysis.

Physical trauma is another factor that causes rhabdo. A person’s injury caused by accidents can trigger this fatal disease. Anyone who’s had to suffer from a car crash or a fall may suffer it, too. As well as those who got injured from a third-degree burn, lightning strike, or electric shock. Day to day activities is also contributory to the symptoms leading to rhabdo. One of the most common examples is lying down for excessive periods of time.

The symptoms may not be easy to spot a first. He or she may experience common maladies such as fever, nausea, vomiting, or fatigue. There are three classic signs of rhabdo that can warn a person that he or she is already afflicted by the disease. The first symptom is muscle pain. The pain can be in the shoulders, lower back, and thighs. Next, the person with suspected rhabdo may feel weakness in the muscles around the arms and legs. Lastly, he or she may notice a change in his or her urine’s color. Typically, a symptom of rhabdo will show a dark red or brown colored urine.

There are three necessary steps to stay rhabdo-free.

First, it is important to stay hydrated. Especially for those who frequently work out, staying hydrated is vital to ensure maximum performance and aid recovery. Especially during the summer months, it is important for exercisers to stay hydrated as temperature and humidity rise.

Next, it is important to set limits. Yes, pushing oneself is imperative to reaching certain goals, fitness goals at that. However, a person should push oneself to a certain extent. Going beyond what the body can take have serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary that an exercise should be attuned to his body’s limits.

Last and most importantly, the intensity of workouts performed by an exerciser must be gradual. Given this information about rhabdo, it is important that everyone should keep their fitness knowledge in check. Always remember to keep in mind the First Universal Truth when tempted to push oneself to excessive limits: Moderation is the key.