Linden Lab Publicly Launched Its Latest Social Virtual Reality

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Linden Lab is famous for its virtual reality creations. It is known for its creation of Second Life, an online virtual reality world. Just last Monday, the company opened Sansar, the successor of the first VR world offering brand new virtual experiences.


The 2000+ creators of Sansar had already begun privately testing it since 2014. In the trials, the makers, as well as the developers, built approximately 1700 VR experiences. The tests spanned for three years until it was launched for the first time since Monday.

Sansar’s beta offers the public especially developers and designers to experience the VR world’s virtual building tools. Anyone with a compatible headset or computer can create their self-made virtual world.

The vice president of product at Linden Lab Bjorn Laurin said that Sansar allows anyone to virtually go anywhere. In fact, the creators and developers have virtually walked on the moon with Sansar.


Sansar’s open beta allows players to roam and explore a virtual area with an expanse of 4 by 4 kilometers. The nooks and crannies of the virtual place are endless. There are museums, theatres, and temples in it, too. Players can practically do anything with that space. They can build their houses, develop communities, and so on. They can also up-do their creations using customizable lighting, spatial audio, and C# scripts.

There are two ways to do that. Their first option is to import existing .fbx files or 3D renders that were initially created using other programs like Maya, Blender, and 3ds Max. Their second option is to visit the Sansar store. The store offers pre-made assets so players can simply shop for the things that they need. From there, they can creatively make their lay out either in desktop or VR mode. In fact, players can make money out of their creations and designs. They can upload a virtual material, for example, furniture, and then put in on sale.

This VR world also offers a free tier for players who want to create more. Players can subscribe for only $9.99 and build three different VR experiences.


The timing seems perfect for Sansa. When social VR company AltspaceVR closed due to insufficient funding. Although the start up VR company has 35, 000 users per month, the company was not able to reach its target. AltspaceVR blamed that to the slow uptake of the VR headsets. To say the least, Sansar is expected to attract a substantial number of audiences since their new VR platform can match practically any headset.

Sansar is compatible with many different kinds and brands of VR headsets. It can work with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift as well a regular computer.

Sansar was initially launched with 50 avatars during the public beta opening. Each avatar has a highly detailed facial and body animation which is both speech-driven and body-driven.

Whether the player wants to experience it privately or publicly, the choice is his. They have the option to share it anytime he wishes to do so.

As of now, Sansar is playable via laptops and desktops. Players who want to try the beta can download the Sansar app via the Linden Lab’s website.