Japan’s Defense Minister Tomomi Inada Resigns

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The Defense Minister of Japan has already resigned. This is following the allegations that she indeed helped to suppress the release of some sensitive defense documents. The news aims to blow the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since his popularity continues to dive.


The departure happened during a news conference in Tokyo. The Defense Minister, Tomomi Inada, states that she already submitted her resignation letter to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The resignation happened Friday morning, and Abe accepted it.

Inada stepped down the very same day as the Defence Head. The former Defense Minister denies being part of it.

According to the news reported by the CNN, Inada mentions that she is firmly aware of her responsibilities as the Defense Minister. Her primary role is to supervise the Self Defense Force and the Ministry of Defense.

She states that she will return her one-month salary. During the interview, she confirmed the speculations that she resigned.


Inada was once a rising political star. She assumed her role as the Defense Minister last August 2016. A lot of people also view her as Prime Minister Abe’s successor-in-waiting.

There were no female prime ministers in the history of Japan. Inada was also the second woman to ever serve as a Defense Minister. The first Defense Minister, Yuriko Koike, was elected as Tokyo’s Governor last year. Koike is also the first woman to be a Governor in Japan.

The resignation of Inada proves that speculations that she helped obscure the internal records. The internal documents detail the danger that the Japanese peacekeepers are facing in South Sudan.

The Japanese Defense Ministry said that records are about the troop action. The records influence the discussion about the Japanese troop arrangements. However, sources state that it is the other way around.

The report last Friday releases confirmation. It states that the troops are safeguarded in South Sudan.

Prime Minister Abe and Inada are both proponents and staunch conservatives of Japan. They are playing a more dynamic military part the world over. Abe has looked to revive the radical idea of Japan’s Constitution. This is an exceptionally disputable move because of the sensitivities encompassing the nation’s part in World War II and the control of Korea.


Inada’s resignation is the most recent in the series of high-profile scandals connected to Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party. This takes after the allegations that Abe helped quick track endorsement for the development of a veterinary school that is owned by one of his friends. Abe denies the accusations during a session at the Japanese parliament called “The Diet.”

Before the incidents, Yasunori Kagoike, a teacher, also accusses of utilizing his clout to get support from Abe and his wife. He informed officials under the pledge that he accepts political intercession that helped him secure a deal to buy lands from the administration at a very cheap cost. Prime Minister Abe denises being part of the deal.

Prime Minister Abe denises being part of the deal.