Vistara Airline Makes Women Feel Safe As They Travel

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An airline is now allowing women to pre-select their preferred seats during booking. Vistara, a New Delhi-based airline, is offering baggage and travel assistance for women traveling alone to India.


This new airline scheme began on Women’s Day of 2017 as a part of their free Woman Flyer service. Vistara understands the struggle of women in having to sit in a middle seat. This new service aims to provide women the convenience they can enjoy as they travel.

The airline allows women traveler’s to choose their preferred seating before or after booking a flight, and also within the online check-in. In doing so, women will be ensured of an aisle or window seat. On cases where a female customer fails to pre-select a seat, the airline would offer for her a non-middle seat during check-in.

Upon arrival at the airport, the friendly staff of Vistara will be present at the baggage claim area. Holding placards that read, “#VistaraWomenFlyer Arrivals Assistance, the uniformed employees will be available to assist the female traveler at once. They can help out with luggage and can even escort women customers to airport-authorized taxis if and when the client requests. To date, airline Vistara notes that approximately 75 to 100 women avail the service each day.

According to Vistara’s chief strategy and merchandising officer Sanjiv Kapoor, the carrier’s goal is to provide women peace of mind. There is no more need for female travelers to endure a whole flight in a seat that makes her uncomfortable. On the other hand, this new feature ensures women to feel happy in a place that does not make her feel uncomfortable.

He adds that the idea was born out of the company’s observation on their female passengers. They notice that most of the time, it is their female customers who are always in need of assistance. They would spot one that needs help carrying her luggage. Some would also need some help getting a taxi. This common day to day airport scenarios pushed the airline to come up with a service that will make traveling easy for all especially women.


Issues on the safety of female tourists as well as locals were also the top motivation for the airline to offer the service. In India where crime rate against women is high, the airline makes sure to provide measures to avoid these situations.

This women’s service is also by The Foreign Office (FCO). The FCO advises all female travelers to exercise caution when in India.


India currently offers women-exclusive trains and women-exclusive cabs. Apparently, India is doing its best to keep women safe. The New Delhi-based airline Vistara works hand in hand in that campaign as they are first ever airline to offer a women’s service. The carrier encourages women who plan to fly with them to take advantage of the new complimentary service. To do that, a female customer must make sure that before departure, she has been booked via email at least 72 hours in advance.