Wild And Woolly’s Pop, Posh, and Puffy Fur Phone Cases

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For many years, the fashion industry has never quite come to terms with animal rights and anti-fur activists. Even so, many fashion designers still feature fur in their fashion shows. In fact, recent fashion shows held in New York, Paris, London, and Milan still feature fur in their collection.

Wild&Woolly is not an exception. Nina Cheng owner and creator of the brand is a self-confessed fur lover. Out of a sheer idea, Cheng began to think of the idea of actually starting a full-line of products made out of fur.

Wild&Woolly is known for its tiny, playful fur accessories. The brand sells phone cases, hoop earrings, and stud ear accessories.

The idea dawned on Cheng on that fateful winter day that she was, herself, looking for a unique phone case. She looked for a phone case in a popular New York department store one day. Seeing how limited her options were, her disappointment led her to discover that most of the things sold in the market were blandly generic. In her mind, what she was looking for was a case that could keep her fingers warm. A fur case was the ultimate idea that popped in her mind.

She realized from that experience that there needs to be a phone case that’s unique and at the same time functional. So, Cheng ended up creating and designing the phone case of her dreams. And there goes the epiphany of the furry phone cases.


The name of the brand traces back to the early days of America and The Wild, Wild West. According to the brand’s official website, the 1850’s America is the inspiration of the products.

Cheng’s love for fur and its fascinating history became the exact formula for her to come up with Wild&Woolly.

In fact, the brand uses the names of the pioneers of American fur trading posts for every phone case model. To name a few are millennial pink Frances, classic white Cabanne, Vermillion fur case, among others.


Cheng’s brand is still premature with only less than $1 million in sales, but the reception has been quite impressive. Wild&Woolly has captured the attention of many premium retailers around the world already. To name some of these are New York’s Opening Ceremony, London’s Harvey Nichols, and Paris’s Leclaireur. Japan also loves Wild&Woolly. Even the Middle East is taking notice of the brand’s unique designs.

Many celebrities are also digging the phone cases. Trendsetter sisters Kim and Kylie Jenner have been taking mirror selfie shots with their fluffy phones.


Animal rights and anti-fur activists remain firm in their stand against animal cruelty. Apparently, these organizations do not exempt the start-up business Wild&Woolly. Cheng defends the criticism by pointing out that her brand’s vision represents the old American’s adventure in pursuit of fur brought to the present fashion world through her designs.