Gucci’s New Vintage Sci-Fi Campaign Skyrockets People Into The Future of Fashion

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Gucci aliens from months ago remain astronomically fashion forward. Under Alessandro Michelle, the Italian brand took the fashion industry by storm. From its scandalously sexy fashion advertising under Tom Ford, Michelle takes an odd and creative approach through strangely attention-grabbing social media posts.

The fashion world was never the same ever since the Italian fashion trendsetter released its of out-of-this-world teasers on Instagram with hashtag #gucciandbeyond.

Four clips were shared via Instagram. Each clip features a model posing as a being from an unknown galaxy. In each of those Instagram clips were models dressed up as space beings donned, of course, in Autumn Winter 2017 garments. The super models were hardly recognizable as they bizarrely pose as robots, aliens, and intergalactic beings.


In the Instagram posts, Gucci first introduced an alien being with glittery eyes. The alien greeted us by saying, “You can’t just walk in here, you know. We’re a peaceful people.” One can hardly recognize that beneath the spacey prosthetic was a supermodel.

Following the first intriguing clip was a rather odd-looking beauty from a different world. We met a model on full-character as Kerelanda Encanta with heavy metallic makeup on wearing a dainty bejeweled dress.

Next, we met Xeod, a statuesque alien being. He was 7000 years old, but his appearance does not show any sign of old age.

Finally, the fourth clip shows Zenoba, a 20-year old scanner operator from the Earth. These intriguing posts sparked the curiosity of the fashion world. What was Gucci up to this time?


One might ask where this cosmic idea came from. According to Michelle, the campaign was inspired from the 50s and 60s sci-films. The movies Creatures from the Black Lagoon and Forbidden Planet were two of those who greatly influenced the new campaign.

With an eye for strange beauty, creative director Alessandro Michelle teams up with talented fashion photographer and fashion director Glen Luchford. They set off to work on this unique and truly one-of-a-kind fashion campaign. Their team produced creative and fresh ideas wherein the vintage sci-fi fashion was conceived.

Aside from the Instagram clips, a Director’s Cut was made, too. It was a short-length feature film that aligns with the campaign’s intergalactic concept.

The clips and the video all showcased vintage sci-fi vibe. The models in the video were dressed with bold and loud vintage prints. They also wore accessories such as huge hats and fancy eyewear.

The models enact what it is to drift into far away planets while being chased by a dinosaur. Other sci-fi elements such spaceships, UFOs, and laser beams were also incorporated into the production.


Gucci chose the road less traveled. Apparently, the results were superb. What with all the same and common concepts in the fashion world. There is no better way than to have some time away from the Earth and into the outer space.

Gucci under Michelle welcomes change and embraces this generation’s odd ways. With these out-of-these-world concepts, Gucci takes the fashion world into a bigger leap to the future.