A Fish and Game Official from Idaho in Trouble after a Hunting Trip

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A commissioner from Idaho Fish and Game is under fire after sharing some unfortunate photos from his recent hunting trip to Africa. While hunting may seem as an excellent outdoor activity for many people, sharing photos of dead animals and bragging about killing an entire family of baboons in Africa did not go well with many people. For this reason, Blake Fischer is facing calls to resign from his position.

Hunting is and has always been a favorite sport for many people. It is also considered as a natural wildlife management tool to keep wild animals at considerable levels with human activities as well as land use. However, the violence and the spilling of blood involved in hunting is not something that many people can live with, more so when one brags about it. For someone that is mandated with protecting and taking care of fish and wild animals, the commissioner has obviously angered a lot of people.

The state journal reported an email Fischer sent to his colleagues, boasting about the 14 animals he and his wife killed in Namibia last month. In the photos were also photos he was taken posing next to a dead giraffe, a warthog and a leopard plus a group of baboons. The email has been reposted by more than 100 people already.

Many people have expressed their displeasure about the matter, some saying that a person with no respect for life should not be holding a public office. Among the people who have been angered by this is Fred Trevey, former Idaho Fish and game commissioner. He has also urged Fischer to resign.

Other than his lack of respect for life, Fischer has gone against the State’s fish and game hunting regulations, part of which states that hunters should refrain from taking pictures of animals they kill and from providing details about the kill to non-hunters.

In addition to that, Trevey stated that even if hunting is legal, the manner in which the commissioner conducted himself was not right. Most of the former commissioners are in agreement about the call for his resignation.