Stolen Swedish crown jewels by thieves on a speedboat

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Early Tuesday, it was reported that two crowns which belonged to Queen Kristina and king Karl IX were stolen from the royal family by thieves who used a speedboat to escape. according to artifacts and jewelry experts, the two crowns are priceless. This happened in the Catholic cathedral in Stockholm. According to past reports, the church is around 900 years’ old which is just a few miles away from Stockholm capital.

According to the state department concerned with security, the crowns were stolen by two men who professionally lifted the crowns which are locked within high glass security boxes before getting away from the scene with a speedboat which was backed near the church. After the alert of the crime to the security police, helicopters were sent to search for this perpetrator who was nowhere to be located.

According to the history of the jewels, the crowns symbolizes or rather marks the departure of the king Karl in the year 1611. Nevertheless, the jewels after years where picked and kept in the Catholic cathedral in Stockholm for display and also for past history where tourists and visitors can come for education purposes.

After the incident, the royal family told the administrative board to declare the crowns invaluable hence making the incident, not of national interest. According to the administrative, the police are currently looking for a small speedboat. from different information sources who witnessed the incident said that the boat used to escape was a small speedboat which at the moment may currently be abandoned within the waterways within the city.

Currently, the investigation is carried out to determining the who the thieves were. According to information from the police, the cathedral catholic church has been closed indefinitely to allow further investigation to be carried out concerning this robbery.

According to the investigates, the church visitors list is under review to check for any possible suspect concerning this matter. From the efforts shown by the police concerning the case, no significant result has been seen. The family is hoping that the government will eventually capture and prosecute this thief.