Google AR Stickers to Expand Beyond Pixel Smartphones; LG G7 ThinQ First In Line

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Google started working on augmented reality and introduced it on their self-made Pixel smartphones last year- Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Now, LG will the first in line to make it available in a non-pixel device through a software update on their 2018 bezel less flagship LG G7 ThinQ.

What is Augmented Reality? What are AR stickers capable of?

Augmented reality is simply having some animated objects or characters like it existed in real life that can be captured on images and videos. These 3D stickers stay on the place where we place them and stays there even when the camera and the people move around. This is made possible by Google’s AR Core kit which requires high-end hardware and on the software side Android Oreo and above.

AR stickers and animated characters are fun features that we saw in iPhone X and Pixel 2 only till date. They both run differently but look the same to the end user. As of now, we cannot judge a clear winner as both iOS and Android implementation are in the beginning state. The fun about AR stickers will soon make a huge change in the designing industry. We are not far from witnessing how technology is destroying jobs of professionals.

LG racing to be the first

Finally, LG fans get rights to brag being first on the market. LG in a self-blog announced their upcoming software update for LG G7 ThinQ will also introduce the AR stickers in the native camera app and will be the first of its kind to run it apart from the Pixel devices. It is expected to have a good number of stickers to choose from. In fact, the promo image that is released shows a custom text of the smartphone’s name written in large which is held by a woman. The total image looks cool with the AR stickers.

It was not packed with all the information and clarity that enthusiasts want. This blog was about the Korean version of the update which turns out to the native of LG. So, we are not sure whether or not the AR stickers will reach the global ROM of LG G7 ThinQ the same time as the Korean version. Another thing that lacks clarity is the special stickers like on the Pixel 2(Star Wars, Stranger Things) which felt lifelike and more interactive if orchestrated properly.

We expect LG to bring it on time and make it available globally. Also bringing it to yesteryear flagships like LG G6 and LG V30+ will give a good boost to the falling LG’s market presence.

If you are worried about using it when it gets to your LG G7 ThinQ, don’t panic it is as simple as how you take a screenshot on LG G7 ThinQ. Simply head to the native camera application and skim through the menu to get to the AR stickers. Choose a sticker from various packages, place it inside the frame which looks good to you. That’s all you are expected to do before picturing yourself with the stickers. You can easily make fun snippets and images with AR stickers on board. Hoping Google soon extends the AR stickers to other flagships supporting Google’s AR Core platform.